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Now that winter’s in full swing, the slopes, trails and frozen ponds are calling. Time to get out there! But…

Before you do, watch these helpful videos to keep you safe and happy in the great outdoors…


Travel Advice: 10 Tips to Avoid Winter Sports Injuries | Gulliver Globelink

Preventing getting hurt in winter sports often takes just common sense, but it’s good to be reminded, especially when we have no common sense (just kidding!) Take a look.


Fitness & Exercise Tips | Winter Sports Conditioning | Stuytown

Fitness Director, Amy Blitz, gets you ready for winter sports with these excellent conditioning exercises. No winter gear required (at least for now)! Being better conditioned means fewer twists, sprains and accidents – watch and learn!


10 Beginner Snowboard Gear Tips | Snowboard ProCamp

Snowboarding is a top winter sport choice for young and old alike – well, mostly young. One of the best ways to enjoy your first experience, and stay safe, is to select the right gear, and wear it properly. Kevin from Snowboard ProCamp gives some great tips for beginners. Check it out, dude…


Dr. Mooney’s Sledding Safety Tips | Boston Children’s Hospital

Perhaps no one is better equipped to give tips on sled safety than Dr. David Mooney, Director of the Trauma Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. It’s excellent advice, well worth following!


How to Ice Skate and Glide for Beginners | Skate Tutorial

Thinking of learning how to skate this winter? This video is really nice, concise and well done. Although it doesn’t really identify who made it, the video did earn over a million and a half views, so it’s gotta be good, right? Enjoy!


Winter Safety – Prep & Precautions | NYS DEC

Is hiking more your thing? Wilderness hiking can be deadly if precautions aren’t taken. Here’s a video to help you avoid obvious mistakes.

So there you have it – being safe as you recreate in the wintertime. Good luck and enjoy! (Personally, we can’t wait till spring.)

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